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Jammu & Kashmir National Conference [ JKNC ]

The Jammu & Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) is a state political party in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Founded as the All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference by Sheikh Abdullah and Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas in 1932 in the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, the organisation renamed itself to "National Conference" in 1939 in order to represent all the people of the state. It supported the accession of the princely state to India in 1947.During the time of the movement for independence, the party favoured Indian National Conference, and not the All India Muslim League, even though the party had a number of muslim leaders. The party was prominently identified with Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, its leader, who was also a close friend of Nehru and then in 1982, after his death, Farooq Abdullah, the son of Sheikh Abdullah, was the leader. Inspite of the friendship, when Nehru thought that Sheikh Abdullah might demand a separate state with independence of Kashmir, he imprisoned him. But, Sheikh Abdullah made a deal in 1975 with Indira Gandhi, according to which he was to be granted the chief ministership of Jammu Kashmir.


The top leadership of the JKNC has remained within the Abdullah family since the party’s founding. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was the president until 1981, at which time his son, Farooq Abdullah, succeeded him. In 2002 Farooq’s son, Omar Abdullah, became president, although—when Omar became chief minister (head of government) of the state in January 2009—he relinquished the office back to his father.


Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, who was famously known as the ‘Lion of Kashmir’, was elected the President of the JKNC in 1947. Under his able leadership, the atrocities of the Kashmir Maharaja at Poonch, who ruled the state during that time, were fiercely revolted against. Gaining complete support of the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, Sheikh Abdullah demanded a ‘Naya Kashmir’. As he said, "Kashmiris want to decide about their future in a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Their has not to be decided by the Maharaja and his cohorts; but by the people of the state. The people there can only be in a position to decide when they first achieve their internal freedom."


In Jammu and Kashmir state assembly elections in 1996, the JKNC led by Abdullah was awarded the election yet again winning 57 seats out of a total 87. This election like its predecessors has been deemed to be rigged and Abdullah stepped down in 2000. His son, Omar Abdullah then took up the reins of power in the state. But in 2002 state assembly elections, the JKNC won only 28 seats, with the Jammu and Kashmir People's Democratic Party (PDP) emerging in the Kashmir Valley as a contender for power. In the December 2008 state assembly elections, no single party was able to get the majority. The JKNC led by Farooq's son Omar Abdullah emerged as a single largest party, winning 28 seats. After the elections, on 30 December 2008 the JKNC formed an alliance with the INC which had won 17 seats.[4][5] Omar Abdullah became the Chief Minister of this coalition government on 5 January 2009.


The Election Symbol of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, as approved by the Election Commission of India, is "Plough". It is usually drawn on a red-coloured flag, which together represents the JKNC. This symbol of the party was unanimously adopted in its first annual conference held in Baramulla in 1940. It was presided by the then party chief Sardar Budh Singh. As a political party in the country, the JKNC abides by the sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic principles and ideals of the Constitution of India. It propagates the true values of socialist doctrines and the legacy of the freedom struggle of India to people, irrespective of any social and political differences. 


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Official Website of JKNC:

Head-Office Address of JKNC: Mujahid Manzil Srinagar, Nawa-i-Subh Complex Zero Bridge Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Contact Numbers: +(91) (194) 2452326 (Kashmir), +(91) (0191) 2578010 (Jammu)

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