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Communist Party of India [ CPI ]

The Communist Party of India (CPI) is a communist party in India. In the Indian Communist movement, there are different views on exactly when the Communist Party of India was founded. The Communist Party of India (CPI) was founded on December 26, 1925, at an all-India conference held at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in late December 1925 and early January 1926. Communists participated in the independence struggle and, as members of the Congress Socialist Party, became a formidable presence on the socialist wing of the Indian National Congress.Communist Party of India (CPI), national political party in India whose headquarters are in New Delhi. The CPI was born out of the fusion of militant anti-imperialist patriotism and internationalism, of the struggle for national liberation and the class struggle for socialism.The leaders had almost an hour discussion over various national political, social and economic issues. Both the sides underlined the need for unleashing of militant joint struggles against the anti-people and anti-national policies of the BJP-led NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is having a cascading effect on common people.

From the outset the CPI targeted the native rulers and the feudal lords who were the support base of the British imperialists in India. Along with other anti-feudal and democratic sections, communists launched and built the Praja-mandal and states peoples’ movement in the native states, which the Congress largely neglected.Many of these communists worked together with the workers, peasants, trade unions and labourers, as part of a class-struggle against imperialist forces. Their rallying Marxian outcry was "Workers of All Lands Unite". These young and ignited communist minds came together in Kanpur and founded the CPI in December 1925, at the foundation meeting.The uprising was suppressed only after the central government sent in the army. Starting in 1951, the CPI shifted to a more moderate strategy of seeking to bring communism to India within the constraints of Indian democracy. In 1957 the CPI was elected to rule the state government of Kerala only to have the government dismissed and President's Rule declared in 1959.

The victory over Hitler fascism, saw the outbreak of mighty mass upsurge. It was India’s final bid for freedom. The movement against the trial of officers of the Indian National Army had roused all section of the people.The same is a poisonously communal and baseless one meant to provoke the minority community so that an artificial consolidation of the majority community votes can be made. The Central Election Commission issued a notice to Sakshi Maharaj, and he back-tracked and claimed that the press had distorted it.The CPI has supported reservation for the backwards, in addition to reservation for scheduled castes and tribes. The problem today has gone beyond the dimensions of providing reservations in jobs or higher educational institutions. There is today an upsurge among dalits, tribals, OBCs and women for empowerment, for a rightful share in political power and administration.

The Election Symbol of the CPI is ears of corn and a sickle. This is usually depicted on a red-coloured flag, which is the colour of struggle symbolizing a communist party. The ears of corn and a sickle are very significant. It depicts that the CPI is a party of the peasants, of farmers, or labourers, who work in the fields and earn a living.The 2004 Lok Sabha elections gave the country’s Left Front parties a chance for some national political leverage. The CPI won 10 seats (compared with only four in the 1999 elections) and the CPI(M) 43 seats, and the front was able to provide important external support that allowed the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) coalition to form a government.

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Head-Office Address of CPI- Ajoy Bhavan, 15, Indrajit Gupta Marg, New Delhi-110002

Contact Numbers-Phone: +91 11 23235546, +91 11 23235099, +91 11 23235058, +91 11 23237972

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C. N. Jayadevan

MP candidate in CPI - Communist Party of India

Gender: Male, DOB: 24/5/1950

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