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Hill State People's Democratic Party [ HSPDP ]

The Hill State People's Democratic Party (HSPDP) is a political party of the Indian state of Meghalaya.This party has great impact in the history of the state. Its president and founder Lyngdoh has fought heart and soul to crown Meghalaya with the pride of an independent state. Hence, people call him ‘Ma-hoping’ out of deep respect and affection.Born on March 15, 1929 Mr Hopingstone Lyngdoh, was never defeated in any of the elections. He was elected as MLA 11 times, MDC 7 times and one time as MP from Shillong. From 1962, Lyngdoh was elected as MLA of Pariong and Nongstoin constituencies. Lyngdoh represented Nongstoin constituency for many years and he was re-elected in 2013.


Currently it is a part of North-East Regional Political Front consisting of political parties of the northeast which has supported the National Democratic Alliance (India).He is the oldest serving representative member in Meghalaya and has never been defeated in Legislative Assembly election. In the initial period, the party as a whole championed the cause of the people which was rightly deserved by proposing a new statehood which dream come to reality in 1970, when Meghalaya gained semi-autonomous status. Then automatically, Meghalaya was formed by carving out two districts from the state of Assam: the United Khasi Hills and Jhada Hills, and the Garo Hills on 21 January 1972 after a fierce long struggle. People refer him as "Ma-Hoping" out of love and respect. Now he is the current MLA of Nongstoin Constituency. The party as a whole won 4 seat in legislative Assembly as of 2012.


He has been the president of HSPDP since 1968. An honest politician throughout his political career which has been even acknowledged even by his political rivals. A reminder of his political career, Lyngdoh had served as Deputy Chief Minister, Cabinet Minister holding home and other key portfolios, and Chief Executive Member of KHADC.A bachelor, he was the vociferous voice of the Hill State movement. He was also vocal against uranium mining and advocated the need for a Khasi-Jaintia state. Lyngdoh wanted an early solution to the lingering border dispute with Assam which, however has not materialized during his life time.


The party’s main objective is to ensure that no injustice is committed to the people of the state. Its most important purpose is to defend the law of land of the Khasi- Jaintia.The party also ensures that the state’s population doesn’t include any Bangladeshi intruders. It works hard to prevent any form of infiltration of foreigners.It also works in an attempt to establish social peace and harmony among the different tribes by boosting their self confidence.


The party flag is tricolor. It has blue and red colors at the two sides and white in the middle which needs to be of equal size of the two extremes. The election symbol is a lion. It perfectly depicts the party’s objective to defend the rights and privileges of the inhabitants of the state from the probable political selfish motives. The party members are dedicated and strong willed to work for the highest interest of the state.

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