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All India Forward Bloc [ AIFB ]

A nationalist political party known as All India Forward Bloc which is a leftwing political party in the country. It came up as a faction in the Indian National Congress in the year 1939, and intersestingly it was Subash Chandra Bose who led it. The party got its establishment again as an independent party after India got independence. It has got its major stronghold in the state of West Bengal. It aims at the establishment of a Union of Socialist Republics in India leading to classless society through socialist revolution.On 22 June 1939 was held the All India Session in Mumbai where the Constitution and programme of Forward Bloc was adopted.

First All India Conference of Forward bloc was held in Nagpur, from 18 to 22 June 1940. In his Presidential Address, Subhash Chandra gave a concrete plan of action for winning Puma Swaraj or complete freedom in the immediate future. The conference resolved that, in order to win independence for India, and in order to preserve it, as soon as possible the following steps be taken .The Central Committee of the All India Forward Bloc was officially announced about a month later, in July. Subhas Chndra Bose became the President, Lal Shankarlal its General Secretary and S.S. Cavesheer from Punjab was elected the Vice-President of AIFB. The Nagpur Conference of the Forward Bloc, held from 18-22 June 1940, remains a historic episode in the history of the life of AIFB.Other significant members were as follows: Annapurniah from Andhra Pradesh, while Senapati Bapat and Hari Vishnu Kamnath hailed from Bombay, there was Pasumpon U. Muthuramalingam Thevar who belonged to Tamil Nadu while Sheel Bhadra Yajee of the state of Bihar. Satya Ranjan Bakshi, got an appointment as the Bengal Provincial Forward Bloc secretary.

The All India Forward Bloc politician, Shri Debabrata Biswas, is currently a Member of the Parliament in India representing West Bengal in the Rajya Sabha. The All India Forward Bloc which is a leftwing nationalist political party developed as a faction in the Indian National Congress itself, and was led by Bose. The Forward Bloc, born out of the long, intense and patriotic struggles waged by the people of India for national • independence shall continue to draw sustenance, inspiration and carry forward its rich heritages particularly those of the left.The Fifth Party Congress of All India Forward Bloc held at Puri of Orissa, in December 1952. Meanwhile some different endeavors were made from different quarters for greater left unity, of which Forward Bloc was also a party. Besides, there was an effort for the reunification of Forward Bloc, and it succeeded with a concluding convention held at Sahid Minar Maidan, Calcutta on 22 June, 1951.It was unanimously decided to accept scientific socialism as the prime objective of the Party.

Today, the AIFB has its mass base primarily in the state of West Bengal. However, it also has small units of operation in states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Tripura, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In West Bengal, the AIFB is in an alliance with the left parties, forming the Left Front. Although there are ideological differences between the AIFB and other left political parties, the Left Front has a very prominent presence in West Bengal. The Election Symbol of the All India Forward Bloc, as approved by the Election Commission of India, is “a Leaping Tiger” on a red flag. The tiger is seen to be facing the top pole of the flag. At the top right corner of the flag, just above the tiger’s tail, is a crossed hammer and sickle. The body of the tiger is yellow and black in colour, while the hammer and sickle are in white. The red flag is an emblem of socialist ideology, propagating the ideals of class struggle.

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Head-Office Address of AIFB- All India Forward Bloc, 28 Gurudwara Rekab Ganj Road, New Delhi - 110001.

Contact Numbers- PHONE:011-23714131,011-23712273


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