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Religion  -  JUDAISM
Festival Date  -     APRIL


Passover's call comes from the closing of the ten Plagues visited on the Egyptians via Yahweh before the Exodus. All firstborn male children have been killed, but the ones Hebrew households that had slaughtered a lamb and marked their doorposts with its blood have been "passed over." it is also an agricultural holiday commemorating the start of the harvest season, however this thing of Passover isn't emphasised.

Passover Dates

Passover starts at the fifteenth day of the month of Nisan and ends on the twenty second (twenty first in Israel and among Reform Jews). it's far a blissful time of own family togetherness, but also one of prescribed ritual and strict policies. in addition to the unique dietary laws described above, paintings is against the law on the primary two and ultimate two days of Passover (first and remaining day in Israel and Reform Judaism). The day earlier than Passover is the quick of the Firstborn, a minor speedy undertaken by means of all firstborn adult males.

The diploma of labor that is forbidden on major holidays like Passover is less strict than at the Sabbath. Leviticus 23:three commands the Jews to "do no manner of work" on the Sabbath, whereas Leviticus 23:7 calls for them to "do no manner of servile paintings" at the fairs. the general interpretation of the latter commandment is that paintings may be achieved at the gala's if it contributes to the amusement of the competition and could not have been accomplished ahead. thus baking bread or grinding sparkling coffee, as an instance, is authorized on holidays but not on the Sabbath.

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