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Religion  -  JUDAISM
Festival Date  -     DECEMBER


Hanukkah: history, dates, and observance

By the time of the Talmud (c. 500 CE), the political situation had modified and the tale of the Maccabees was no longer as famous. It appears the victorious Maccabees had grow to be almost as oppressive as the preceding regime and, even worse, their descendents allied themselves with the Romans.

So in their discussion of Hanukkah the rabbis focused more at the legend of the excellent oil than at the victory of the Maccabees.

For maximum of its history, Hanukkah has been a alternatively minor when as compared to other Jewish holidays, but within the late nineteenth century it started out to benefit reputation and today it's miles one of the maximum celebrated Jewish holidays (along with Passover, in keeping with one supply 1).

This change appears to be due in part to the increasing popularity of Christmas gift-giving within the past due nineteenth century, and the corresponding want to offer an opportunity, in particular for kids, that continues Jewish identity and avoids assimilation.

Similarly, the Zionist movement, which arose within the late nineteenth century, determined idea in the story of the Maccabees.

Dates of Hanukkah:

as with every Jewish vacations, Hanukkah starts at sundown the night before the date listed:

Dec. 16-24, 2014

Dec. 6-14, 2015

Dec. 24-Jan. 1, 2016

Hanukkah Observance

Hanukkah is well known for 8 days starting at the twenty fifth of Kislev (mid- to overdue-December). "feast of lighting" (along with "banquet of determination" and "feast of the Maccabees").

The most effective crucial ritual of Hanukkah is the lights of candles. The Hanukkah candles are held in a chanukkiah, a candelabra that holds nine candles. (The chanukkiah isn't the same as a menorah, which is a candelabra that holds seven candles and is pictured at the reputable brand of the nation of Israel.) The candle (shammash) within the center of the chanukkiah is used to mild the others.

One candle is lit on the primary night of Hanukkah,  are lit on the second, and so on, until all eight are lit at the 8th night time. The candles are brought from the proper, but lit beginning with the primary one on the left (representing the cutting-edge night time). at some point of or after the lighting fixtures of the candles, those blessings are recited:

Blessed are You, eternal One our God, popular Presence, Who sanctifies us with the mitzvot and offers us this route of kindling the mild of Hanukkah. Blessed are You, eternal One our God, popular Presence, Who labored miracles for our ancestors in historical days right now. On the primary night time of Hanukkah, a unique blessing is brought:

Blessed are You, eternal One our God, widely wide-spread Presence, Who maintains us in lifestyles usually, Who helps the unfolding of our strong point, and Who brings us to this very second for blessing. once they may be lit, the candles won't be used for another cause, consisting of lighting different candles or reading by means of, and that they ought to burn for as a minimum a half of an hour. The chanukkiah ought to be positioned in a window to proclaim the miracle it represents (except in times of persecution, while to do so ought to endanger the own family's lives).


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